Color QC Software - OnColor QC Premium

OnColor QC Premium contains all of the standard features with the following enhancements:

  • Customizable Report Screens
    • User Screen
    • Color Plot
    • Data Table
    • Spectral Graph
    • Color Tolerance Plot
    • Statistics
  • User Screen provides 4 quadrants to configure all of your data and displays on one screen--as you like them!
  • Password security, macros, and workspaces provide power to manage and track your color data.
  • A complete statistics package provides trend charts, bar charts, and histograms along with mean, standard deviation, and variance data.
  • A Data Table allows for a comparison of multiple batches to a standard and/or multiple standards under a wide range of selectable color criteria.  Now with a Copy to Windows Clipboard" feature for instant export of your color data.
  • Database of Standards that stores your color standards and tolerances and organizes trials for easy access to color history on a product. This “shade library” can be searched to find the closest shades to a target color. Versatile MS Access™ or SQL format.
  • Includes our new Instrument Performance module for checking the "health" of your instrument as well as supports Instrument Profiling for improved inter-instrument agreement.