Color QC Software - OnColor QC Multi-Angle

OnColor™QC Multi-Angle

As with all CyberChrome, Inc. color software, OnColor™ Multi-Angle QC contains instrument drivers for the more popular models of instruments, including multi-angle spectrophotometers, on the market today. Now you can utilize the latest in multi-angle data management with a color software program that is not limited to one brand of multi-angle instrument.

In addition to all of the advanced features that you will find with OnColor™ QC Premium for regular spectrophotometers, OnColor™ QC for Multi-Angle spectrophotometers offers the following QC capabilities:

  • Instrument Drivers for most Multi-Angle Spectrophotometers.
  • A Database of Standards with a powerful and lightning-fast "search engine" that finds the closest matches based on angular data.
  • Measurement angles that are weighted to define a search criterion that works best for your application.
  • Software architecture that supports an unlimited number of angles for each sample Colorimetric and spectral data is provided for all angles.
  • Colorimetric data displayed up to six (6) angles at a time--along with our new 3D tolerance ellipses.
  • 3D views of multi-angle data sets provide valuable graphic information to show where to set tolerances on each angle
  • Ability to store multiple standards within the same data file allowing the user to evaluate batch data against numerous standard variants.
  • Displays Flop Index as well as Sparkle and Graininess for the BYK Mac

OnColor™ Multi-Angle QC offers complete data comparison under a common GUI (Graphical User Interface) for those with multiple brands of color measurement instruments that have been regulated in the past to use instrument manufacturers' software only.