What's New from CyberChrome

OnColor™QC Multi-Angle 

Instrument Performance

What do you do with that ceramic tile set that they told you to buy?  How do you use it to check if your color spectrophotometer is working properly?

Check-out our new -Instrument Performance software for a cohesive plan for how to use the tiles and how to monitor and track the "health" of your color instrument on a regular basis--not just during a once-a-year re-certification.

Instrument Profiling

Take it one step further and combine Instrument Performance and Instrument Profiling for the complete solution for managing your fleet of color instruments.  Instrument profiling allows you to correlate CyberChrome Color Control Software for Industry - What's New Newsall of your instruments to a Master instrument so that color standards and colorant databases are all on the same basis and can be shared enterprise wide. Profiler also converts legacy data to a new platform. Profiler works in conjunction with the standard suite of OnColor software.

To find out more about these features, check out our blog.  To upgrade your current software, Contact Us


OnColor Version 6 Adds New Features and Benefits

Keep your color computer software upgraded with the latest advances in technology and trends.  Sporting many new features for both quality control and color formulation, there are changes that will make your life easier and help you match and approved color smarter and faster.

A snazzy new module for checking and monitoring the performance of your spectrophotometer is included with all levels of OnColor from QC Premium and above.  This module is also available as a stand alone feature for companies who have yet to switch to OnColor software.  Read more about this valuable new Instrument Performance tool.

OnColor 6 supports both the Windows 7,8 & 10 operating systems.


If you are already running OnColor V5.x, call or email to learn about your upgrade options. If you are running any earlier version of CyberChrome software such as CyberSoft, SpectraQC, SpectraMatch, SpectraMagic V3.x, or autoQC, Contact Us to learn how to upgrade your software with all of the latest features plus Windows 7, 8 & 10 support.