OnColor Software Training

Training in CyberChrome color management software includes:

  • Best configuration of the software for your application 
  • Storage and recall of color standards.
  • Proper color data analysis using color graphics and data tables.
  • Best selection and use of color difference equations.
  • Selection and use of color tolerances.
  • Application of statistical methods to color measurement.
  • Importing and exporting color data.
  • Selection and use of color indices.
  • Expert advise in how to prepare and load the sample for a colorant database.
  • The science of color matching formula predictions and color corrections.
  • What files to backup and archive.

Color Measurement

Training in color measurement instrumentation covers:

  • Proper selection and use of instrument geometry.
  • Calibration of the color instrument.
  • Acceptable methods in sample presentation to the instrument.
  • When to use sample measurement averaging.
  • The calibration of the UV component, if applicable, in your measurement.
  • The correct way to compare color measurements when various instrument brands are used.
  • Short-term and long-term maintenance programs to insure overall instrument integrity.