Color Matching Software - OnColor Gold

OnColor™ Match Gold

OnColor Match Gold is engineered to provide superior “first shot” matches resulting in reduced laboratory “color hits” and wasted time resulting from both lab and production color corrections. Preferred by color professionals for its comprehensive features and flexibility of data management, it is also praised by color technicians for how easy it is to use and train new operators.

OnColor Match Gold includes:

  • All of the quality control features of the QC Premium software.
  • All modules of the Match Silver package for color matching, color correction, and formula storage and retrieval.
  • Characterization module to load and manage the colorant database used by the matching and correction algorithms.
  • 100% file compatibility between all OnColor packages.

Multi-level colorant characterizations are used for all applications to supply unique solutions for complete color management. Typical industrial applications include: coatings, plastics, powder coatings, paper, inks, textiles (exhaust and continuous dyeing), food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, ceramics, stains, and more. Transparent applications using transmittance measurements such as transparent films, plastics, liquids, beverages, and dyes can also be formulated using the same package.