Color Matching Software - OnColor Silver

OnColor™ Match Silver

OnColor Silver features modules for color matching, color correction, and formula storage and retrieval. Commonly referred to as the “daughter” version of OnColor Match Gold package, it provides a lower cost system with only the features that are needed at satellite operations. The colorant database that is characterized on the master Gold system is either shared or networked with the daughter location/satellite plant via file transfer or networking.

Easily mastered, the color matching features provide initial color matches using advanced color matching algorithms. Matching parameters and outputs are quickly customized to your application and product lines to streamline the whole matching process. Doing a color match is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Type "S" to measure the standard to be matched.
  2. Type "P" to recall the product line with its associated matching parameters.
  3. Type "M" to run the match and see the answer. All on a single screen.