Color QC Software - OnColor Lite

QC Lite does the basics of color quality control and pass/fail tolerancing to get you answers fast with a minimum of hassle. Its major feature is its simplicity while still providing you with all the tools you need for basic color checks.

  • OnColor™ “Lite” contains all the standard features identified for the basic QC versions.
  • Color plot report color difference and pass/fail assessment, with 3D graphics.
  • On-screen color patches help to visualize relative color changes.
  • Save-set files store data and track changes.
  • Spectral data report displays the curves for “fingerprinting” a color, detecting metamerism, and analyzing strength differences.

As with all OnColor™ color management software, OnColor™ QC Lite interfaces with most color measurement instruments in the market today. It offers a common GUI (Graphical User Interface) and data format for those with multiple brands of color measurement instruments that have been relegated in the past to use instrument manufacturers’ software only.