Color Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades provide the user with the newest features, compatibility with Windows XP and Vista, and latest advances in color technology.

CyberChrome offers software license upgrades to their current versions of color QC and color formulation software. Users of any CyberChrome, Inc. color platforms (OnColor™, Spectramagic™, SpectraQC™, SpectraMatch™, AutoQC®, CyberSoft™; and ColorSoft®) are eligible to the latest version of OnColor™ with similar GUI’s (Graphic User Interface).

New versions can include:
Latest changes and additions to color difference calculations offered by the technical committees of color measurement.

  • New graphical displays for color data; more reports and data manipulation.
  • Compatible updates necessary for changes in computer operating systems.
  • New file structures allowing for improved storage and recall of color standards.
  • New math associated with color formulation and color batch correction routines.
  • Improved methods for characterizing color pigment and color dye calibrations.
  • Overall improvement to graphical user interfaces and software navigation.

CyberChrome makes color software upgrades easy. Virtually all versions are file compatible—meaning no previously measured data is lost due to software incompatibility that is common when changing and/or upgrading with other color packages. Each CyberChrome upgrade version is provided with “Release Notes” detailing the changes from previous versions and other information insuring data compatibility and new feature navigation. Upgrading provides your organization with the latest features available and provides additional software upgrades available within a 12-month period free-of-charge.


  • All upgrade version(s) require Software License Key exchange.
  • Software upgrade pricing is subject to change.
  • On-Site training packages are available at additional costs.

CyberChrome will be happy to discuss the latest feature changes available on the new release versions.

Contact Us for pricing and any questions you may have concerning your current version of software or questions on how CyberChrome can tailor a software upgrade to fit your needs.