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Displaying RGB values for Color Matching

Posted by Elaine Becker on Mon, Jul 21, 2014

RGB Additive color mixture


I frequently get asked questions about obtaining RGB values from OnColor and being able to input RGB into OnColor and do a color match to them.  John Seymour, the MathGuy  recently blogged about this topic.   (His tag line - Applied math and color science with a liberal sprinkling of goofy humor – aptly describes his blog). 

I highly recommend his latest post on this topic of using RGB values and what to expect out of them.  I especially like this article because he describes clearly some of the optics and science behind this which hopefully will help his readers understand the many pitfalls of trying to match or specify color using RGB data. 

 If you clicked on this blog and read this far, I urge you to click one more time and go to John's blog to read a detailed discussion on this topic.  His "experiment" with RGB values is both entertaining and enlightening.


 For those of you who still want/need RGB data from OnColor, I have good news.  Version 6 of OnColor now displays RGB values.  For those of you using Version 5 of OnColor, you can upgrade to V6—this being just one of many reasons to do so.  Find out more about RGB values- and other cool features in V6 of OnColor.


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