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Using OnColor color matching software with a USB adapter - 64 bit PC

Posted by Myron Langer on Thu, Jun 30, 2011

While many of the new spectrophotometers on the market today are equipped with a USB cable to connect to the PC, most of the older models still use a serial communications cable to communicate with the PC.  USB to serial adapter cables can bridge the gap for those PC's that do not have a serial port installed on their PC. There are many such devices available, but not all work well with the high demands of data transfer of a color spectrophotometer--especially not on a 64-bit PC.

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Using a USB Adapter to Connect your Spectrophotometer to OnColor

Posted by Tom Merck on Fri, Apr 08, 2011

When you buy a new PC these days, it typically doesn't come configured with a serial port.  This once standard type of port has been replaced by USB ports.  However, many spectrophotometers still use serial communication and are supplied with a serial cable to connect to the PC. Then how are you supposed to connect your spectrophotometer to the PC if ti doesn't have a serial port? The solution is to use a Serial to USB adapter cable which allows you to connect your color computer via a USB port.

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Connecting your color spectrophotometer to OnColor with a USB adapter

Posted by Tom Merck on Wed, Sep 02, 2009

Many color instruments and spectrophotometers in use today come with a serial cable to connect and communicate with a computer.  However, serial ports are a thing of the past and very few PC's come with a serial port as standard configuration these days.  While you can always install a serial port, an easier way to connect to the PC is to use a Serial to USB adapter.  This is a special cable that plugs into the serial port output of your spectrophotometer on one end and plugs into a USB port on the computer on the other.  This circumvents the need for a serial port on the PC. 

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