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Installing OnColor Color Software under Windows 7 and Vista

Posted by Myron Langer on Thu, Oct 29, 2009

USB Hardlock

The OnColor  Suite of color QC and color matching software is licensed through use of a hardlock key.  The USB hardlock key that is shipped with the software can be used on one computer at a time. 

There are two ways to successfully install the Hardlock driver required for the USB key used by OnColor in Windows 7 and Vista:

  1. OnColor setup will run HLDRV32.EXE (Included on the installation CD) which installs the Hardlock drivers.
  2. Allowing Windows to install the Hardlock driver the first time the USB key is used.

If both driver setups take place, however, the Hardlock key will not work as the drivers conflict.

The preferred method is to follow our instructions and not insert the Hardlock USB key until after the setup of OnColor.  The OnColor setup will run HLDRV32.EXE, which will prevent the Windows drivers from being installed when the USB key is inserted.

If for whatever reason, the Windows driver for Hardlock has been installed before the OnColor setup, you must uninstall the HLDRV32 Hardlock drivers after the OnColor setup.  To uninstall the Hardlock drivers, go to the Control Panel -- Programs and Features, which shows a list of programs that can be uninstalled.  You should see "Hardlock Device Drivers" in that list.  Uninstall that program.  Unplug the Hardlock key and then reboot the computer.  Plug in the Hardlock key and you will now be using the Windows supplied Hardlock driver.

If you know that the Vista Hardlock key driver has already been installed by Windows, you can hit the Cancel button during installation of the OnColor CD when the Hardlock setup dialog is displayed and then continue on with the OnColor installation.

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